Claus & Partners - Privé detective

Internal Fraud

Company Theft

Every single company gets confronted with (internal) theft. Most of the time this theft is on a small scale, sometimes however, it can be well organised and have substantial consequences for the company involved. These investigations are not a priority for the Belgian police and justice.

Belgian Law has reserved these types of investigations for licensed Private Investigators. During the last 15 years we have concluded several investigations successfully: identified the perpetrators, retrieved the goods, delivered evidence, used before Belgian as well as foreign Courts.

Past-time employees

Do you know what your salesmen, repairmen, have been up to all day? Do they visit their customers, do they keep their appointments or do they stay at home, in the pub or are they sleeping in their vehicle ??

After a discrete observation you will receive a detailed report with the passed time of the employee during a days work.


Stock, treatment, distribution and transportation of goods are an important link in the economic chain. Belgium can be considered as the logistic centre of Europe. Not only the volume of the treated goods increases each year, but also the value of these goods. This area of the economy is highly sensitive for theft. More than 15 years of experience has made us familiar with procedures, transportation documents, scanning methods, and with the risks and the consequent abuses.

Computer and IT Fraud

Expensive firewalls do not stop everything. Certainly not when there is an internal abuse of the system. We work together with one of the most renowned computer and IT security companies. Risk analysis, security consultancy, accompaniment during implementation, training employees, but also IT fraud investigations are included in our service.