Claus & Partners - Privé detective

External Fraud

Insurance fraud

Within the last 15 years we have investigated hundreds of claims, for different insurance companies, on fraud and liability. During our investigation, possible witnesses and the different parties involved are being heard in a correct and detailed manner about the circumstances of the claim. The gathered information is carefully verified and summarized in a clear report. This way we provide a full picture of every aspect of the claim, which can help in making a well-founded decision.

Trademark fraud

Parallel-import and counterfeit are hot items, now more than ever, certainly when looking at the ever growing role of China in the Western economy. The damage, which counterfeit and parallel-import can cause, is immense.

We track down counterfeit, organise false purchases and investigate the perpetrators and the origin of the goods. Afterwards we deliver proof, which can be used before Court.

Unpaid vehicles

Leased vehicles are no longer being paid for. They are not being turned in, in spite of reminders and registered letters You only receive copies of traffic fines. We track down the debtors and the vehicles and retrieve your property. In some cases we suggest a preliminary investigation: is the company real or does it lack a real address or activities.

Solvability/Tracking down debtors

Unpaid invoices, judicial demands, lost defaulters Sooner or later every manager is going to be confronted with this situation. We track down the lost debtors and investigate their current solvability. In most cases a demand is only effective when the adversary is solvent. A preliminary investigation can possibly save you senseless expenses on lawyers, bailiffs and Court.

Non-competition stipulation

You have paid a great deal for a company or stock take-over. You have drawn up a tight contract with a lot of conditions and prohibitions. But are these rules of contract being respected? We gather the evidence of the possible prohibited activities of the contracting party to make sure that the contract will be respected.