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At private investigators Claus and Partners we are dedicated in providing services in the field of private investigation with a special aim towards companies.

All of our private investigators are licensed by the Federal Government, Board of Private Security.

All of our private investigators operate in the global area of Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium.

We build on 15 years of experience in detecting and identifying every form of fraud, which may pose a threat to your company.

In the past 15 years our private investigators have carried out thousands of private investigations in several domains:

Pre-employment screening, private investigation, background screening, due diligence, private investigator, solvability, company and cargo theft, private investigation, car repossessions, insurance fraud,...

We rely on a broad network of national and international contacts in various domains: private investigation, private investigator, Antwerp, Belgium, private investigation, Belgium, investigator, Antwerp, Belgium, Brussels.

We cooperate with reliable and qualified private investigators from all over the world.